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You go about to torture me in vain.   King Henry VI, part II: II, i
With vilest torture let my life be ended.   All's Well that Ends Well: II, i
That so her torture may be shortened.   King Henry VI, part I: V, iv
On pain of torture, from those bloody hands   Romeo and Juliet: I, i
Let hell want pains enough to torture me.   King John: IV, iii
Is't not enough to torture me alone,   Sonnets: CXXXIII
He may at pleasure whip, or hang, or torture,   Antony and Cleopatra: III, xiii
'tis torture, and not mercy: heaven is here,   Romeo and Juliet: III, iii
Which, to be spoke, would torture thee.   Cymbeline: V, v
Which is our honour, bitter torture shall   Cymbeline: V, v
Well; I will take him, then torture my wife, pluck   Merry Wives of Windsor: III, ii
Turning dispiteous torture out of door!   King John: IV, i
To torture thee the more, being what thou art.   King Richard III: IV, iv
Thou'lt torture me to leave unspoken that   Cymbeline: V, v
This torture should be roar'd in dismal hell.   Romeo and Juliet: III, ii
That same biron i'll torture ere I go:   Love's Labour's Lost: V, ii
Than on the torture of the mind to lie   Macbeth: III, ii
Refuse me, hate me, torture me to death!   Much Ado About Nothing: IV, i
On thy soul's peril and thy body's torture,   The Winter's Tale: II, iii
O, torture me no more! I will confess.   King Henry VI, part II: III, iii
In leads or oils? what old or newer torture   The Winter's Tale: III, ii
If thou dost slander her and torture me,   Othello: III, iii
I am very glad of it: i'll plague him; i'll torture   Merchant of Venice: III, i
From thee to die were torture more than death:   King Henry VI, part II: III, ii
Drawn on with torture.   Cymbeline: IV, iv
Do in consent shake hands to torture me;   Sonnets: XXVIII
By a sharp torture.   Cymbeline: IV, iii
But purgatory, torture, hell itself.   Romeo and Juliet: III, iii
And torture him with grievous lingering death.   King Henry VI, part II: III, ii 29 results returned.

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