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To god, the widow's champion and defence.   King Richard II: I, ii
Thou fortune's champion that dost never fight   King John: III, i
Therefore to arms! be champion of our church,   King John: III, i
Patron of virtue, rome's best champion,   Titus Andronicus: I, i
I can produce a champion that will prove   King Lear: V, i
His new-come champion, virtuous joan of arc,   King Henry VI, part I: II, ii
And now will I be edward's champion.   King Henry VI, part III: IV, vii
That is, to be the champion of our church!   King John: III, i
Marshal, demand of yonder champion   King Richard II: I, iii
Like a bold champion, I assume the lists,   Pericles, Prince of Tyre: I, i
By my valour, the most complete champion that ever i   King Henry VI, part II: IV, x
And champion me to the utterance! who's there!   Macbeth: III, i
A stouter champion never handled sword.   King Henry VI, part I: III, iv
Brings in the champion honour on my part,   All's Well that Ends Well: IV, ii 14 results returned.

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